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Privacy is an important right for everyone, and the website takes it seriously to protect users' personal information and privacy. Before using the site, products and service of the website, make sure you read and thoroughly understand the Privacy Policy. By using or continuing to use, you acknowledge and accept current content of the Privacy Policy and any content that may be updated from time to time, and agree that we can collect, use, disclose, store and share your relevant information in accordance with the Privacy Policy or in other ways.

1. Processing of the information will follow China's laws and regulations regarding personal privacy and data protection, and your information will be used for related service on the website.

2. The website will fully protect the user's personal privacy information by means of technology means, strengthened internal management, etc. Except for reasons such as required by law or government department empowered by law or obtaining explicit authorization from users in advance, it is ensured that user’s private information and non-public content stored when he/she uses the server will not be disclosed publicly or disclosed to third parties.

3. In order to operate and improve technologies and service, the website may collect or provide user’s non-personal private information to third parties, which will help provide users with a better user experience and quality of service.

4. Purpose of collecting information

We collect your personal and non-personal information will help to achieve the following:
Access the site more easily without having to fill in the information again.
Help us to provide you with information faster.
Help us create content closely related with you.
Help you quickly find the service and information that the website can provide.
Use your personal information to improve the website.
Evaluate the content of the website and its use.

5. Types of information collected

You will have maximum control over your personal information on the website. Usually, you are free to visit the website without revealing your identity or any personal information. However, in some cases, we will need to obtain your personal and non-personal information, for example, we use the personal information you provide to keep in touch with you, and subscribe to various information according to your requirements. If we are notified that you do not want us to continue to use this information to contact you further, we will respect your choice. Meanwhile we may collect non-personal information about your use of the website service, and collect information about the service you use and how you use them. This type of information includes:
Log information, i.e., when you use our service, we may automatically collect certain information and store them in the log, including:
* IP address;
* Device event information, such as service crash information;
* Your detailed use of our service, such as the type and language of the browser you use; the date, time and URL of your visit to our service; search terms, and other information and detailed content you browse or ask to provide when using our service.
Device or software information, such as the configuration information provided by mobile device, web browser, or other programs used to access our service, MAC address used by the device (the address used to define the host location), and device information such as Device Identification Code (such as IMEI number). The information cannot be used to identify you personally, but can help us achieve sales goals or improve the service we provide. To improve the service, we may also collect information about your access path, such as anonymous information about referral sites (such as Google Search) or anonymous information about the referral banner that leads you to the website.

6. Ways of collecting and storing information

The website may collect your information in a variety of ways; it may request directly from you or automatically record information about your visit to the website. For example, we may collect data about your browsing the website or record the options you choose. The information is stored in a secure environment and protected by physical and technical means. They are not accessible to the public.

7. Information storage duration

The website stores information in a protected and secure environment. If we believe that the information is helpful to serve you better, we will keep it for a long time with respect to your choice.

8. Information storage location

The website stores your information on the servers controlled by the website. You understand and agree that we can transfer your personal information and related information about your use of the website to overseas. Since no data protection law applies to all countries at the same time, we will follow the relevant laws of China before storing your personal data.

9. Information disclosure

The website will treat user information with a high degree of diligence and will not disclose it to third parties unless we obtain your authorization in advance or via agreement on the Privacy Policy. You understand and agree that the website may disclose your personal information in accordance with the law in the following circumstances:

1) Obtain the explicit authorization of the user in advance;

2) You use the products or service of the website which cannot be used unless you disclose your personal information, such as displaying the email address to the person you invite, so that the other party knows the source of invitation;

3) In accordance with legal or regulatory requirements or mandatory requirements of the competent government authorities, or to protect the public interest;

4) To maintain the legitimate rights/interests of the website or the normal operation of the service, such as seeking, preventing and dealing with fraud or security issues;

5) Provide to third parties if the third party makes a confidentiality commitment and meets the legal requirements;

6) Other relevant circumstances that comply with the law.

10. Scope of application of the policy

The policy applies to any individual user and business visitor who use the website.

11. Minor privacy commitment

We believe that it is crucial to protect the privacy of minors. Therefore, we will not collect or retain relevant information when the visitors are identified as under age

12. Internet and website security

The Internet is not a secure system, you must always be vigilant when posting information online. We will use appropriate security techniques to encrypt personal information.

13. Change

We may, in due course, change the terms of the Privacy Policy, which form part of the Privacy Policy. If such change results in a substantial reduction in your rights under the Privacy Policy, we will notify you in a prominent location on the homepage before the change becomes effective. In such case, if you continue to use our service, you agree to be bound by the changed Privacy Policy.