Shanghai Super Classic

WHAT - Shanghai Super Classic.
WHO - From classics that emit antique fume to the most exciting road super-sports, from the private collections of celebrities to the treasures from automotive museums, the 30 classic cars with stories spanning a century is a moving history where classic becomes eternal
WHEN – 15th, May thru 16th, June.
WHY - Shanghai Super Classic will open up new horizons and set up a bridge to the world which help us get a first-hand understanding of the classic car culture, sports and investment market with an outlook of the future and development of Chinese automotive culture

In May, 2019, the Shanghai Super Classic will unveil her mystery at the Water-drop of the Northern Bund, the iconic landmark in Shanghai together with Shanghai F1 and Shanghai Auto Show A multimedia immersive exhibition interwoven with movie scene, a creative culture platform which integrates auto show with life style, spreads automotive culture and sports, gathers Chinese classic car collectors and communities of automotive enthusiasts to cultivate the Chinese automotive culture market and industry chain

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